Report Form Process Guide

Item #25030


The Report Form Guide has been redesigned from head-to-toe. Behind our brand new cover, you will find new and engaging expository reports which cover a variety of topics including famous people, fascinating places, and interesting things from all over the world. Students will use these new reports and corresponding activities to build a skill-set specific to non-fiction reading, allowing them to gain confidence across the entire spectrum of reading comprehension.

There are many additional benefits of the Report Form curriculum. To name a few:

  • Aligns with state and national Common CORE standards
  • Graphic organizers provided to assist students in systematizing non-fiction information
  • Links to internet articles provided for supplementary reference
  • Breaks down test-taking anxiety by developing a richer comprehension of a variety of test questions
  • Provide a foundation for multi-curricula research and test-taking beyond the Language Arts classroom
  • Research-based, student-tested, and proven successful in classrooms throughout the nation