Booksthe not-so-common core standards

Although by name the concept appears ordinary, this set of educational guidelines is anything but. While the Common Core Standards are being debated in classrooms and school boards nationwide, they continue to receive praise for their efforts to sharpen the field of youth education.

For those who are less familiar with these standards, here is a little background information:

Common Core Standards are a set of educational guidelines that are designed to align states with equal curricular goals in every subject. Ideally, these standards ensure that every educational objective outlined by the standards is met, and nothing deemed as a “core” objective falls through the cracks. According to their website, the Common Core Standards were developed in collaboration with “teachers, school administrators, and experts, to provide a clear and consistent framework to prepare our children for college and the workforce.”

•   Phonics  

•   Linguistics  

•   Reading Comprehension  

•   Written Expression