DVD Independent Study 

DVD Independent Study is an excellent and cost-effective resource for on-going staff development. Each DVD is narrated by program author Victoria Greene. Concepts and skills of each unit are modeled and directly taught as Mrs. Greene takes you through the curriculum, instructional strategies, multisensory techniques, and materials of each strand.

There are many distinct benefits to using DVD Independent Study in your classroom or district. Each DVD provides viewers with a personal guide through the curriculum by the program author, with each unit of study presented through direct instruction and model teaching. The DVDs provide teachers with an opportunity for ongoing independent study, as well as an opportunity to view concepts and skills for daily lesson planning. DVDs can be used in the classroom, or for district staff development.

The DVD Independent Study is now available for the Written Expression, Phonics, and Linguistics curricula. Contact Language Circle Enterprises to purchase DVDs for district in-service. Or, visit our shopping cart to learn more about the many DVDs that supplement each strand of Project Read curriculum.


Written Expression: