SUCCESS at Fernbrook School in Randolph, NJ

Elaine, an administrator at Fernbrook School and a long-time advocate of the Project Read® curriculum, wrote a letter to the authors of Project Read describing her satisfaction with the program. She writes:

“I had the privilege of taking the Project Read Phonology and Linguistics trainings back in the 80’s and again in the early 90’s, and from the beginning I was instantly sold. I believe in the merits of this program. Over the course of the years that I have been using the Project Read curriculum, I have experienced a positive transformation of children’s lives, countless success stories, and positive feedback from numerous parents. Currently, we are in our 8th year of teaching the Project Read curriculum and it has again proven to be extremely successful. We have a diverse population of students at Fernbrook; many come into our school with little or no English background or from low-economic status with no prior enriched language experiences. With the help of the Project Read curriculum, students have made substantial improvements. Their progress is reflected by their ability to generalize what they learned from the Project Read curriculum and integrate these skills into our traditional reading program. In fact, I am proud to inform you that our school was recognized and honored with the ‘Literacy For All’ Award this year, sponsored by the New Jersey International Dyslexia Association.”