NEW!! Report Form Process Guide

The Report Form program is an active and effective curriculum used to teach students a process for collecting, classifying, and organizing expository text for critical thinking. The goal of this process is to transform every student, no matter their learning profile, into active, thoughtful, and purposeful readers.

The Report Form Guide has been redesigned from head-to-toe. Behind our brand new cover, you will find new and engaging expository reports which cover a variety of topics including famous people, fascinating places, and interesting things from all over the world. Students will use these new reports and corresponding activities to build a skill-set specific to non-fiction reading, allowing them to gain confidence across the entire spectrum of reading comprehension.

There are many additional benefits of the Report Form curriculum. To name a few:

  • Aligns with state and national Common CORE standards
  • Graphic organizers provided to assist students in systematizing non-fiction information
  • Links to internet articles provided for supplementary reference
  • Breaks down test-taking anxiety by developing a richer comprehension of a variety of test questions
  • Provide a foundation for multi-curricula research and test-taking beyond the Language Arts classroom
  • Research-based, student-tested, and proven successful in classrooms throughout the nation


The Report Form curriculum also prepares students for life beyond the classroom. By developing evaluative critical thinking abilities and sound study habits, students acquire knowledge and educational tools that later transfer to impressive executive skills. With the ever-changing landscape of academic and professional opportunity, it is more important than ever to focus on these foundational principles of education.

For educators interested in expanding their knowledge, additional staff development can be completed through our Report Form webinar. This webinar equips educators with extra supplementary activities and insight into the Report Form curriculum, providing them with an advantage in classroom instruction as well as increased accountability. Visit our workshop calendar to learn more about upcoming courses.