Goose Creek School District:

Baytown, TX

Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District is committed to “closing the gap” between student groups based on race, gender, and low-income status. The Project Read program began in this district as a program to help children who were struggling in Language Arts. The first teachers to receive the training were regular education Language Arts instructors and dyslexia specialists. After the initial training, teachers and administrators concluded that the Project Read program would benefit all children. Due to the success of the students in the classrooms where Project Read curricula was implemented, it was integrated into the grade level expectations and mandated in all elementary classrooms. “Closing the gap” is not a quick fix. Goose Creek CISD has yet to achieve their ultimate goal, but they have seen significant improvements. Many secondary teachers are realizing the value of the Linguistics, Report Form, Written Expression, and Story Form programs from the Project Read curriculum. Various forms of Project Read material have provided continuity in Goose Creek.