The Training-District-Trainer course is a valuable and unique program offered through Language Circle Enterprises. In this course, a Language Circle endorsed consultant teaches participants how to train in-house trainers to knowledgably and confidently in-service their district teachers in Project Read curriculum and multisensory strategies. Through demonstration teaching, video lesson coaching, classroom observation, and one-to-one conferencing, participants gain the necessary knowledge to become successful district trainers.

This course moves past the Project Read curriculum and multisensory strategies and teaches participants how to successfully present curriculum to staff, provide on-going coaching and support for teachers, and ensure accountability among all students and educators. Course participants will learn how to use Project Read tools and techniques to establish a long-term plan for success, as well as in-service their districts with integrity.

The Training-District-Trainers course requires that all participants take at least one Project Read course prior to attendance. All participants will receive a one-year subscription to an online PowerPoint presentation of curriculum-related material upon completion of the course.

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