why webinars?

Times have changed, and frankly, we couldn't be happier about it. While educational staff development presents schools with many challenges, it also presents them with a multitude of opportunities. And from these opportunities, the webinar was born.  

In the midst of the smartphone/eReader/iPad revolution, webinars are not exactly a secret--but they continue to be an underutilized and undervalued tool in the realm of educational resources.

Ah, the beauty of webinars. When it comes to educational staff development, schools are scheduling trainings on their own time, at their convenience, in whatever curricular subjects they desire. And we are happy to make this happen, from anywhere in the country.

At Language Circle Enterprises, we are thrilled to be on the cutting edge of educational webinars. We feature a unique brand of webinar that allows participants to view the presenter via live webcam and ask questions via microphone or through a live chat feature. With this type of interaction, participants are immersed in the curriculum and remain engaged throughout the presentation. In fact, Patricia, a recent webinar participant from Farmingdale, NJ wrote to us: "Most computer courses are one-sided and very dull, but this is not the case with Project Read webinars. The entire course felt like having a conversation with a teacher. I really enjoyed doing this." That's what we like to hear.

As we all know, technology sometimes has a mind of its own. That's why we insist on making ourselves available to our participants for practice webinars, equipment testing, and live technical support during webinars. If anything goes wrong, we fix it. That's the Project Read way.

We are hosting webinars at a rapid pace these days, but we are really enjoying it. Helping train educators in each of our curricular strands, especially from the comfort of their own homes/classrooms, is our passion at Language Circle Enterprises. Visit our website to view the webinar schedule, and to learn more about how to schedule your own webinar today. 

We hope to get the chance to work with you, on or off-screen, very soon.



Watch and listen to this sample of the NEW Report Form Process Webinar:



*Webex system requirements can be found here. We also recommend you join a test meeting to test the software on your computer.